Nancy For Lakewood


Nancy's Values

Are Our Values

  • Preserve Our Community

  • Protect People's Money

  • No Substitute for Hard Work

  • Commitment to Family

  • Commitment to Community

  • Priority is Current Residents

  • Courage to Stand Up to Special Interests

  • Listen to People, not the Developers

  • Listen to and Honor Seniors and Veterans - they have wisdom to offer us

  • Favor Small Business, Buy Local 

  • Support Our Public Safety Servants -            standing up for those who protect us

  • Protect Individual Rights

  • Build a Better Future - guide children to become good citizen

  • Responsive - Work for Citizens, not Bureaucrats 

  • Compassion for the Less Fortunate -                                with a Helping Hand Up, Not a Hand-Out​

Nancy For Lakewood

How Nancy will Work For You

-  Control Growth - Slow Down the Rapid High-Density

                        Residential Overdevelopment

-  Growth Should Emphasize Quality, Not Quantity 

-  New Development Should be Sustainable and

           Not a Burden  on the Current Taxpayers

-  Eliminate Wasteful Spending, Require Competitive

           Bidding, Eliminate Insider Dealing

-  Help Taxpayers by Keeping Fees and Taxes Low

-  Promote Home Ownership and Favor Single Family

          Housing Over More Multi-Family Projects

-  Demand Transparency and Openness in Government

-  Promote and Help Small Businesses in Lakewood

         Over Out-of-Town Speculators

-  Improve Parks and Recreational Facilities

-  Help and Promote REAL Sustainable programs and

         Neighborhoods, Not Just Lip Service

-  Help and Encourage the Arts in Lakewood

-  Work with Local Schools

-  Help Seniors and Veterans Stay in their Homes by

         Keeping Home Values High and Taxes/Fees Low