Hello, Neighbor,

        I was born and raised in this community and I love Lakewood just as much   as you do.

       Over the past couple years, many of us have noticed the City has started on a downward spiral with rampant over-development, mostly of multi-family housing projects.  Our Lakewood is disappearing and is being replaced with something more akin to Aurora or Denver.

       I believe in taking personal responsibility and in doing whatever I can to save our community.  In my research I discovered City Council is unresponsive to our concerns and is on a course of even more urban development.  Sadly, I found our own Council member is not a part of the solution but rather is a leader in creating this problem.

      The citizens of Ward 5 have asked me to help hold the incumbent accountable

for this misdirection by stepping forward with a plan for improvement.  Although I'd rather be working on my own business or spending more time with my family and community, I cannot ignore my civic responsibility to bring my talents and values to bear on improving Lakewood City Council.

       While I can't do this by myself I believe working together we can still save Lakewood.

Nancy For Lakewood

            While the special interests continue to pour money in the pockets of the incumbent, I am merely a concerned citizen committed to champion our interests.  

Any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated to help us win this election.  Please click the link below to donate and fight to improve Lakewood City Council and save our community.  

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Working Hard for lakewood


Nancy For Lakewood

Nancy For You