Nancy For Lakewood

Transparency/Open Government/Civic Involvement 

  • Incumbent voted against an amendment to the Rooney Valley Master Plan allowing for a vote of the people [Council Minutes 2/6/17, page 12]

  • Incumbent voted against a proposal to allow the people to vote on the storm water increase [Council Minutes 4/13/15, page 18]

  • Incumbent voted against a proposal to hold the Council's annual planning session within the city boundaries so citizens could observe  [Council Minutes, 1/12/15, page 7]

  • Incumbent voted against an amendment to increase the area that developers are required to notify neighbors of their upcoming development plans [Council Minutes, 12/12/16, page     ]

  • Incumbent voted against appointing a leader of the 2090 S. Wright St. citizens' park defense group to a city advisory group [2015]

  • Incumbent supported awarding the city manager an eight-year contract extension, with no competitive bids or other alternatives considered, at a holiday-season secret executive session with only three days public notice.  Incumbent also opposed a proposal to table the action until after the holidays to give the public a chance to look into the matter [Council Minutes, executive session 12/1/2014, regular meeting 12/8/2014]

The Solution - Nancy Pallozzi

 Storm Water Fees 

           Incumbent voted to nearly double the annual storm water fee and increase it automatically every year thereafter [Resolution 2015-25, Council Minutes 4/13/15, page 19]

Quotes from the incumbent:  


Karen Harrison announced she will be a candidate for city council in Ward 5 in November 2013.
Harrison is running for the term-limited seat held by Diana Wilson.

“I believe it’s a city council person’s job to be a liaison between the city and its citizens,” she said. “I want residents to know that my door is always open and my phone is always ready – I’m available to them.”

*** This is not what she has done for the past 4 years.***

The Problem - Incumbent Harrison

In the News

Nancy Pallozzi

      Sleepy Ward 5 is shaping up to be a battle royal now that Queen Harrison has a credible challenger.  Life long resident and local business woman Nancy Pallozzi brings name recognition and campaign experience.   Although the incumbent will dramatically outspend her, Pallozzi’s theme of “accountability” may strike a cord with citizens long disillusioned with Harrison’s neglect in favor of serving the establishment’s overdevelopment drive..

Accountability Requires Change


Incumbent Takes Campaign Donations from Special Interests 
Source - campaign finance disclosure forms [2013]

  • Realtor PAC - $250  

  • Metro Housing Coalition 


Ensuring Accountability
Holding Incumbents Responsible for Their Actions & Inactions
Summary of Incumbent’s (Harrison) Track Record
(Council 2013-2017, Planning Commission       and ACIC (    )

Development Issues

(Managing Growth)

  • Incumbent supported the revision to the City’s zoning rules in December 2012 that led to the current boom in multi-family residential housing development.

  • Incumbent voted against an amendment to the Rooney Valley Master Plan to limit building heights to 35’ or two stories [Council Minutes 2/6/17, page 7]

  • Incumbent voted against an amendment to the Rooney Valley Master Plan to limit the total number of residential units permitted to 2,500 for the entire Rooney Valley versus the current 4,000 [Council Minutes 2/6/17, page 8] 

  • Incumbent voted against an amendment to the Rooney Valley Master Plan to require Council to address residential density issues BEFORE authorizing further development in Rooney Valley  [Council Minutes 2/6/17, page  ]

  • Incumbent voted against an amendment to the Rooney Valley Master Plan requiring a study of the impacts of the development on the rest of the City prior to authorizing further development in Rooney Valley [Council Minutes 2/6/17, page 16]

  • Incumbent was the deciding vote (6-5) in approving the Rooney Valley Master Plan revision [Council Minutes 2/6/17 page 16] 

  • Incumbent voted against even talking about a moratorium on multi-family high-density residential development designed to give Council time to reform the zoning rules [Council Minutes 6/12/17]  

Fiscal Issues
(Being a good steward of the people’s money)

  • Incumbent supported the failed attempt to give park land (parts of Hutchinson Park/2090 S. Wright St.) to another entity without any compensation to the City [2013]

  • Incumbent supported spending tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in a futile attempt to defend against a court challenge to the Council’s failed attempt to give parts Hutchinson Park away without the required vote of the people   [2016 Budget]

  • Incumbent voted to award the city’s legal services contract to a city insider (worth about $250,000 per year) without taking it to competitive bid or any giving any consideration of other alternatives  [Council Minutes 3/14/16, page 16]

  • Incumbent supported spending about a million dollars in legal fees and consultant studies in a flawed attempt to devise a scheme to acquire a contaminated portion of the Denver Federal Center (referred to as the horseshoe property)  [2015 Budget ]

  • Incumbent voted to spend $60K on a consulting firm to conduct a "housing study" to tell us  newcomers seeking to move here would like our taxpayers to fund some schemes to make our housing cheaper for them  [R-2016-39, Council Minutes 9/12/16, page 6-7]

  • Incumbent supported awarding 6+% annual raises for the city manager to over $239,000/year currently